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Classical Inteligente Watch

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Need to pick up a phone call while jogging or hiking?
With our inteligente watch, no need to worry about that anymore as we combined it with a smart watch and Bluetooth hands-free!
The newest smart wearable gadget makes your life more intelligent and healthy by motion detection, heart rate detection, and sleep monitor.
Connect the watch and smartphone with Bluetooth. When the watch is ringing, simply pushed to the watch. No need to answer the call by smartphone. Increase driving safety or allows you to focus on workouts.
Let's enjoy your intelligent new life with Smart Watch! 

A soul of classical mechanical design

1.39 HD large screen | Rotary button | Wireless charging | Long battery life

Stainless steel material
Tough quality and elegant style
Toughened glass processing plane, with exquisite cutting sculpture technology
A smart watch is an interpretation of craftsmanship aesthetics, materials, design and technology

1.39 inch full screen 454*454 resolustion
1.39 inch high-definition full screen, HD resolution
Plus professional sharp screen display technology, enjoy a clearer display
Narrow-sided design, say goodbye to heavy bezels.

Rotary button
Turn tedious operations into simplicity, and make interaction simple and natural.
Every rotation can fit deep vibration feedback.

High-fidelity waterproof speakers, Bluetooth hands-free calling, retaining high-definition original sound. Any call will be pushed to the watch, one-click answering free your hands, making communication more convenient.

Recharge at any time
Access power right up in the air.
Say goodbye to the shackles of wired charging and enjoy the convenience of wireless charging.

Double-click to brighten the screen
Advanced non-sleeping touch IC
The interface lights up after double-clicking you can see the time when the screen is locked everything we made is full of ingenuity and ingenuity

Elegance in every move
The light and shadow of the dial and bezel intersect and reflect
Create a quiet and soft atmosphere people stop to appreciate, enchanting.

RTK8762D Strong performance
Professional advanced RTK8762D wearable chip, Bluetooth 5.0 + Gsensor, enable efficient collaboration in sport, Intelligent algorithms, motion monitoring, etc.

Dual display (Pointer + Digital)
Function modules to set in a orderly way, Stopwatch, Battery, Sports, Date, Health and other functions to reach as wanted.

Spaceman watch face always know your need
Hotest spaceman watch face now availale at WearPro APP

 A good partner is when you are in need.
The Watch face market is a special feature specially customized for you. AT the same time, there are various watch faces of health, sports, art, function, and photos. You can also custom watch faces

Customize watch face

Music player
Connect the music through your phone, remote control, built-in speakerm, your music can be expressed in another way.

Use QR code, way more convenient
After the APP is linked with Alipay WeChat, you can add friends and collect money with the QR code of the watch without using your phone any more.

Multiple sports modes
Multi-sports mode, can monitor most important data such as sports center rate, distance, speed, calories burned

3 small goals
A tailored 3 small goals every day as a guide for your health.
An intimate reminder for yur daily activity status,
Help you easily achieve your goals and keep you active at all times

Better care is to prevent problems before they happen
Imported optical heart rate combined with intelligent heart rate algorithm. You can see the daily heart rate curve to protect your physical and mental health.

ECG monitoring
PPG+ECG technology helps to monitor if any chest pain, chest tightness, palpitation, suffocation, dizziness
*Monitoring data and results are for reference only, not as a basis for diagnosis and medical treatment.*

IP68 waterproof
IP68 level waterproof and dustproof enable your watch to use in washing and raining
*Note: Do not soak in water, or wear it when swimming or bathing. Take care to avoid hand sanitizer, soap and other corrosive liquids entering the watch and causing damage to the components.*

Make life more convenient
Make work more efficient
Breathing exercise, message reminder, call rejection, SMS reminder, time alarm, mobile phone music control, remote control mobile phone camera, stopwatch, countdown, find mobile phone, weather forecast... 

A powerful watch needs a powerful APP
WearPro APP is an all-weather health management platform. It can also record various sports, physical status and other data, and support to check at any time. Look at professional data and analyze your body data by analyzing multiple data sources.